El reto de mexico

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My husband makes movies.
To make them he lives a kind of dream
In which his actions aren't always
What they seem.
He may be on to some unique romantic
Some men catch fish, some men tieFlies,
Some earn their living baking bread.
My husband, he goes a little crazy
Making movies instead.

My husband spins fantasies,
He lives them, then gives them to you
When he wasworking on the film on
Ancient Rome,
He made the slave girls take the
Gladiators home.
Some men buy stocks, some men punch
Some leap where others dare to tread.
My husband as author anddirector,
Makes up stories in his head.

Guido Contini, Luisa Contini,
Number one genius and number one fan,
Guido Contini, Luisa Contini,
Daughter of well-to-do Florentine
Long ago,twenty years ago,
Once the names were Guido Contini,
Luisa Del Forno,
Actress with dreams and a life of her
Passionate, wild and in love on Livorno,
Singing with Guido all night on thePhone.
Long ago, someone else ago, how he
Needs me so,
And he'll be the last to know it.

My husband makes movies.
To make them, he makes himself
He goes for weeks on end without a
Bitof rest,
No other way can he achiev his level

Some men read books, some shine their
Some retire early when they've seen
The evening news.
My husband only rarely comes to bed,My husband makes movies instead,
My husband...makes movies...

Thank you very much, Mrs. Contini.


Guido (Spoken):

Woman (Spoken):
SignoreContini. Telephone. Go ahead.

I was lazing around my bedroom
When an idea occured to me I thought you might be
Wondering about.
Who's not wearing any clothes?
I'm not, mydarling.
Who's afraid to kiss your toes?
I'm not.
Your mama, dear, is blowing into your ear
So you'll get her loud and clear.
I need you to squeeze me here
And here
And here...

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