El trabajo de la vida

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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2010
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Katherine M. Lugo Nevárez 11-oct-2010
English 3011essay #1, draft #2

The comic strip “Calvin” is about a kid discussing with his teacher that theeducation he’s getting is not preparing him for the world out of school. Calvin expects that if he fails in life it’s the fault of his teacher. The teacher will instruct one, but one chooses whetheror not to pay attention; one chooses, by definition, whether to use it or not. That is what the teacher points out to Calvin’s comment. Miss Wormwood suggests that if one wants opportunity one has towork hard for it, and it’s true. If one is lazy but one wants to have a good job and be happy, the will to change comes from inside oneself.
Calvin’s attitude would be defined as the type ofperson that is lazy and expects everything to be given to him. He represents a variety of people that think that by taking a class they will do well in life. Many Puerto-ricans think this, and those whodo not have education believe this. In life, thought is something that has to be always gained and applied in order to achieve brilliance, and thought comes only by learning. If one doesn’t learn, onewon’t get through life successfully, especially in these times. Even though besides the bad economy that haunts like ghost at every single hour, we can still find opportunity. Opportunity, which issomething that is given to us and as members of society we are fortunate to have, can be represented by the education that is provided inside some schools and universities. We can see this as theopportunity to excel inside society. Knowledge is power. Currently; by getting education we hold the universal key to open any door that confronts us.
An education is an activity that imparts knowledge...
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