El y ella

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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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it ain't my first time but babygirl she can pretend, (x3)
Hey let's bump and grind girl tonight we'll never end
Can i take you down
I really wanna take you down
Andshow you what I'm about
Can I take you now?
Your body body oh
Your body body up and down
So don't stop girl get it
Quit playing wit it
Can't take no more
can Itake you down
I really wanna take you now
Take you now, yeah

bust that pussy open, then i tell her bring it back 
make sure you don't fall in love, 
cuz i don'thave the time for that 
nly thing i chase is money, if you tell me where its at 
when you rich, there is a certain type of woman you attract 

i say i be on some Gshit, i be on some G shit 
check some other players for that Louis shopping spree shit 
not me bitch, i said not me bitch 

and it goes young, young, young, young,YOUNG
can I take you down
I really wanna take you down
take you down
I aint afraid to drown, if that means I’m deep up in your ocean, yeah
Girl I’ll drink you down,sipping on your body all night
I just wanna take your legs an’ wrap them round
Girl you cummin’ right now
My head to your chest feeling your heartbeat girl
Swimmingall in your sea
And you sweatin’ all over me
Girl, lean forward, don’t you run
I don’t want to be a minute man
Baby your just like a storm
Rainin’ on me girl, yoursoakin’ wet
I’ma kiss you right, yea, yeah
I’m gon lick all night, yea, yeah
Girl, when I’m inside yea, yeah
Yeah girl, you heard what I said
I’m gonna make youwet the bed
Yea yeah
Girl I’m gonna make you wet the bed
Yea yeah
I’m gonna make you wet the bed
I’mma put your legs round your head
I’m gonna make you wet the bed
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