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The popol vuh and the oral tradition

Verbal or oral traditions rely on the spoken word: jokes, riddles, stories, legends, rhymes, proverbs, language, and naming.
Verbal lore is perhaps themost pervasive of the traditional arts, which makes it both very accessible (everyone knows jokes and tells stories) and also very likely to be taken for granted.
An oral tradition is the manner inwhich information is passed from one generation to the next in the absence of writing or a recording medium. In the days before near-universal literacy, bards would sing or chant their people's stories.They employed various (mnemonic) techniques to aid in their own memory and to help their listeners keep track of the story. This oral tradition was a way to keep the history or culture of the peoplealive, and since it was a form of story-telling, it was a popular entertainment.
El Popol Vuh recoge la tradición oral maya que transmitía de generación en generación relatos sobre la Historia ycostumbres de su pueblo. Las venturas y desventuras de sus protagonistas eran conocidos por todos los mayas y su popularidad era tal que buena parte de la población sabía de memoria el texto completo.Además, algunos pasajes eran objeto de representaciones públicas en las diferentes localidades.
It is through oral communication that concepts and beliefs about The Dreaming are passed on from onegeneration to the next. They help us to understand about the past, present and future.

Oral traditions include the use of story telling, song, dance art, craft making, giving instructions anddirections. All of these forms of Oral Traditions help to pass on specific cultural practices and values, language and laws, histories and family relationships.

Some of the traditional ways to share oralhistories are on message sticks, through a story in sand or a painting on rock or bark, through ceremonies and body art and by storytelling through songs and dance and mime.
Today our oral traditions...
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