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B.O.S.S.® 5.0 Overview
Administration Instructions

To access the Admin menu, you will need to be a registered Admin for each User Group you select under “User Preferences.” You can change yourdefault User Group to a group you are an Admin for with the following instructions. To change or set your default User Group 1. Select "User Preference" from the "User Preference" menu. 2. Select theUser Group from your “User Group List.” 3. Click on the “Use Now” button to use it for the current session or "Use as Default" button to set the user group as your default each time you log in. Tomanage your User Groups 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Select "User Group Administration" from the "Admin" menu Select the group you are looking for in the grid. Click the "Manage Admin" button. Under “Group Members,”you should see yourself listed with an Admin Role. If desired You may select a user in the grid to edit their role or remove them completely. a. Note: If you remove a user, they will no longer haveaccess to your user group. If, in the future, the user needs to become a member of your user group again, the user will need to request membership and you will need to accept the request.

To managemembership requests for your User Groups 1. You will receive an e-mail notification when a new user is requesting membership. 2. Select "Group Administration" from the "Admin" menu. 3. Select the groupyou are looking for in the grid. 4. Click the "Manage Admin" button. 5. Under “Membership Requests,” you should see any users requesting membership. 6. Select a user in the grid to address therequest. 7. In the “Comments” box, type a message to the user if desired. 8. Click on the "Accept" button to allow the user access to your User Group, "Make Admin" button to give the user Admin rights inyour User Group (to be used with caution), or "Reject" button to reject the user completely. 9. An email will be sent to the requestor stating the user’s acceptance or rejection along with the...
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