Electronic voting in honduras

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  • Publicado : 5 de enero de 2012
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Electronic Voting is a system that has started to be put into practice in many countries around the globe, showing itself to be beneficial in making elections faster and more affordable; however, italso leaves door open to other issues. Electronic voting has been considered a problem because it’s easier to commit fraud, and is also open to error. There have been cases on which votes have beenlost, or machines have been tampered to work in favor of a certain candidate. There is also the problem of hardware or software malfunction; in a Arkansas state election a Mayor runner-up came up ashaving zero votes, when he said he voted for himself, vote disappeared because of a malfunction in the touchscreen machines. There is also the issue of secrecy, some people don’t find the idea ofe-voting safe enough: tampered machines, hacking, many things make the process hard to consider safe, but many measures are taken for the machines to be safe enough for the secrecy of the voter.
On theother hand, electronic voting has proved itself to work perfectly in many other cases. The amount of money saved on paper ballots, on staff, and the time saved throughout the whole process is outstanding.E-voting also benefits people living abroad making it easily available for them to vote in the commodity of their own home.
There are many different types of electronic voting, many of which areconsidered to be safe. Most types involve machines, the most common is touchscreens because it is easier to use for all people and is also handicap friendly. The safest kind however is the one that isused in Brazilian elections; it uses a number pad and a finish button. There is also the completely digital type, or on-line voting. This is done over the internet with a special code you receive justfor the current elections and using your ID card to vote.
In Honduras, electronic voting hasn’t been practiced yet. On April of the current year a Spanish company went to Honduras to persuade the...
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