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14 DIN rail (35mm) 15 Extension unit clip 16 COM2 (RS-485) Communication port

*1: The non-latched area is fixed, and can’t be changed. *2: The non-latched area can be changed to a latched area with parameter setting. *3: The latched area can be changed to a non-latched area with parameter setting. *4: The latched area is fixed, and can’t be changed. M Auxiliary Relay T TimerLatched Special auxiliary relay Latched M512~M999 M1000~M1999 M2000~M4095 Latched (default) Latched (default) Some are latched and Non-latched (fixed) Start: D1200 (K512) Start: D1202 (K2000) can’t be changed End: D1201 (K999) End: D1203 (K4095) 100 ms 10 ms 10ms 1 ms 100 ms T0 ~T199 T200~T239 T240~T245 T246~T249 T250~T255 Non-latched (fixed) Non-latched (fixed) Accumulative Latched (fixed) 32-bithigh-speed count 16-bit count up 32-bit count up/down up/down C0~C95 C96~C199 C200~C215 C216~C234 C235~C245 C246~C255 Latched (default) Latched (default) Latched (default) Non-latched Non-latched Start: D1208 (K96) Start: D1210 (K216) Start: D1212 (K235) (fixed) (fixed) End: D1209 (K199) End: D1211 (K234) End: D1213 (K255) For general Latched Special register Latched For general S0~S9 S10~S19S20~S511 S512~S895 S896~S1023 Factory setting is latched Start: D1214(K512) It is fixed to be latched It is fixed to be non-latched End: D1215(K895) General D0~D199 Non-latched (fixed) Latched Special registers D200~D999 D1000~D1999 Some are latched Factory setting is latched. and can’t be Start: D1216 (K200) changed. End: D1217 (K999) K0~K1599 Latched (fixed) Latched D2000~D4999 Factory setting islatched. Start: D1218 (K2000) End: D1219 (K4999) General M0~M511




Compact, Multi-function, Multiple Instructions PLC Instruction Sheet

17 DC Power input 18 2 pin removable terminal (standard accessory) 19 Power input cable (standard accessory) 20 Battery Cover 21 Battery socket connection 22 Battery mount3

Specifications Stored program, cyclic scan system Batch processing method (when END instruction is executed) Basic instructions (several us) Remarks I/O refresh instruction is available Application Instructions (10~hundreds us) Including the Step instructions SRAM + Battery 168 Application instructions Correspond to external input point Correspond to externaloutput point Contacts can switch to On/Off in program D Register S Step relay C Counter

This Instruction Sheet only provides descriptions for electrical specifications, general specifications, installation & wiring, troubleshooting and peripherals. Other detail infromation about programming and instructions is compatible with SA/SX/SC series; please see PLC Application Manual. about the optionalperipherals , please see individual product manual. This is an OPEN TYPE PLC. The PLC should be kept in an enclosure away from airborne dust, humidity, Also, it is equipped with protective methods such as some special tools or For more information

Control Method I/O Processing Method Execution Speed Program language Program Capacity

electric shock risk and vibration.

keys to open theenclosure, in order to prevent hazard to users or damage the PLC. Do NOT connect the AC main circuit power supply to any of the input/output terminals, or it may damage the PLC. Check all the wiring prior to power up. . To prevent any electromagnetic noise, make sure the PLC is properly grounded Do NOT touch terminals when power on.



2.1 Model Name Explanation and PeripheralsThank you for choosing DELTA’s PLC DVP series. The DVP-SA series has a 12-points (8 input points + 4 outputs) PLC main processing unit with multiple instructions for use. It also has an 8K Steps program memory to connect to every SA/SX/SC series extension unit, including digital I/O (Maximum 128 Input / 128 Output extension points), analog module, etc. for various applications. Its power unit is...
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