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INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your purchase of an Audio Art state of the art crossover network. Your selection of an Audio Art car audioproduct indicates a true appreciation of fine musical reproduction. Whether adding to an existing system or including an Audio Art crossover network in a new system, you are certain to notice immediateperformance benefits. FEATURES * FRONT AND REAR CHANNEL OUTPUTS * SWITCHABLE CROSSOVER FREQUENCIES * 18dB PER OCTAVE CROSSOVER SLOPE * ADJUSTABLE BASS EQ * ADJUSTABLE OUTPUT LEVELS * SOFT START TURN-ONCONNECTIONS To make the following connections, we recommend high performance RCA cables, such as our Audio Art interconnects, which are available at your local Audio Art retailer. Be careful whenmaking the RCA connections, not to mix right and left channels. Before making any connections disconnect the car's battery until the installation is complete to avoid possible damage to the electricalsystem. 1.) Connect the output of the head unit (AM/FM cassette player, CD, DAT, etc) to the RCA input terminals of the crossover. 2.) Connect the low output of the AEC-250 to the inputs of yoursubwoofer amplifier. 3.) Connect the front high output of the AEC-250 to the inputs of your front amplifier. 4.) Repeat steps 3 for the rear channels. This is only necessary when using separate amplifiersfor the front and rear channels. 5.) Connect the AEC-250 to the car's battery. Use an 16 gauge power wire to connect to the terminal on the amplifier marked +12V. Run the wire directly to the positiveterminal of the car's battery. Make sure to use an in-line fuse (3 amps) to protect the crossover against short circuits and/or power surges. 6.) Connect the ground terminal of the amplifier to thecar's chassis. Use an 16 gauge power wire to connect to the terminal marked GND and then connect it to the car's chassis. Try to keep the length of the cable as short as possible, preferably less than...
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