Eloy alfaro

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Eloy Alfaro´s legacy and the principles of laicism

Eloy Alfaro was born on June 25, 1842 in Montecristi. Despite of poverty, he studied and he helped his father to work. He supports theliberalism. He was the president of Ecuador for 2 periods, the first period was from 1895 to 1901, and the second period was from 1906 to 1911. He became one the strongest opponents of pro-Catholic conservativePresident Gabriel Garcia Moreno. For his central role in the Liberal Revolution of 1895 and for having fought conservatism for almost 30 years, he is known as the Viejo Luchador.
One of hisachievements was the separation between the Catholic Church and the state. He instituted civil marriage.
He legalized the divorce, he built a lot of roads, and he established the freedom of expression. Heinstituted the free education.
His major legacies are considered to be national unity, and the integrity of Ecuador's borders; the increased secularization of the country; and the modernization ofEcuadorian society through the introduction of new ideas, education, and systems of public transport and communication. He completed the engineering feat of the Transandino railway linking Guayaquil withQuito.
When Eloy Alfaro was the president of Ecuador, Ecuador had new achievements, its people could feel free for one time, and a lot of this people loved Eloy Alfaro, because he helped them a lot,and they were thankful.
One of the main contributions of Eloy Alfaro was the establishment of secular public schools. These measures were inspired by free-thinkers such as Juan Montalvo and JosePeralta, who promoted the secularization of Ecuadorian society. The creation of public schools and private schools for training lay teachers was one of the main tasks of Eloy Alfaro. One measure of theliberal revolution that lasted for decades was the duty of Catholic school students to pay their tests and validate your skills to lay teachers of the State.
The first secular school in the country...
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