Elpene y lavagina

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Name: Amanda Burgos________________________________________________1. Look at the picture and circle the names of the characters in it.

a) The Toad, b) Jimmy, c) Dodger, d) Rita, e) Le Frog, f)Roddy St. James

2. Answer the questions:

1. What was The Toad’s plan?
A. to make a fire in the city B. to freeze people in the city C. to flush thecity away

2. Which place does Roddy live?
A. Up Top in Kensington B. in the sewer C. in the Buckingham Palace

3. Who helps The Toad tocatch Rita?
A. Frogs B. Rats C. Cockroaches

4. Which jewel belongs to Rita’s dad?
A. the Queen Elizabeth’s crown B. a pearl C. a ruby5. What does The Toad need to make the Great Flood?
A. a master cable B. a ruby C. a belt

6. Where does Le Frog come from?
A. China B. FranceC. Germany

7. Whose name is Jammy Dodger?
A. a boat B. Rita’s friend C. Roddy’s friend

3.Answer T (True) or F (False)

______TRUE_______1. The Toad’s children want to have a kitten.
______TRUE_______ 2. Rita and Roddy escaped with the help of the clip.
______FALSE_______ 3. The city is going to be flushed away when everyone goestobed.
______FALSE_______ 4. Rita has always been sure that her ruby is a fake.
______FALSE_______ 5. Spike and Whitey never help The Toad.
______TRUE_______ 6. Roddy can’t swim.

4.Complete thephrase with words from the box.

a bird, a girl, a belt, a mouse |

1. to wear a cable as…. A BELT
2. to fly like a …. A BIRD
3. to be quiet as …. A GIRL
4. to scream...
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