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  • Publicado : 4 de septiembre de 2010
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sobre emily dickesond EMILY DICKINSOND.POEM N.465. ANALISIS This poem is another where the speaker is writing from beyond the grave, and like “Because I could not stop for Death,” it is describingthe scene of the speaker’s death, although in a very different way. The poem opens with a fly interrupting “The Stillness in the Room,” which, however, is not a permanent peace, since it is “like theStillness in the Air --/Between the Heaves of Storm –.” In the next stanza, we see that although the room is so quiet that the speaker can hear a fly buzz, there are in fact many people there, waitingfor her death. They have all finished crying (“The Eyes around – had wrung them dry –“) and are preparing for her final moments (“And Breaths were gathering firm/For that last Onset”), when it ispresumed she will see God, who will lead her to the afterlife (“when the King/Be witnessed – in the Room –“).
The speaker, as per the Victorian tradition of death bed scenes, then wills away all of hermaterial possessions (“I willed my Keepsakes – Signed away/What portion of me be/Assignable”). A fly then interrupts the scene, and its “uncertain stumbling buzz” distracts the speaker, gets betweenher and “the light” of death, or more probably, what the speaker hopes will follow death. The speaker then loses consciousness—“And then the Windows failed – and then/I could not see to see –,” whichends the poem, as we can imagine, with her death
Like many of her poems, “I heard a Fly buzz – when I died –“ has a speaker who communicates to the reader from beyond the grave. This poem,however, unlike “Because I could not stop for Death,“ is focused not on what comes after death—eternity and the afterlife—but instead is focused on the actual rites of dying, of having one’s lastmoments. Indeed, this poem’s only dealings with the question of afterlife and eternity come in the fact that the speaker is speaking from beyond the grave, and in order to speak must have some kind of...
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