Empire of the sun

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It was a very rich English family with a son who had a big interest for the airplanes. They lived in the China with a life perfect, some servants to make him all works of home,until a day the war arrived and they had to go all. While they were running for the street among the mass of people, in James fell down himself it airplane.He lowered himself to pick him up, buthow he got up again any more he didn't see his family for nowhere.

James remained alone, without nobody of the family. His home searching things for eating was passed to all day long. How much anymore anything did not remain of food in his house, he went out to the street and in the city found a North American that him took away him with him in the home that he shared with a friend. As inJames it didn't take place where to go, the home taught them where he lived before with his family so that all wealths rooted. Once arrived to the house, they saw Japanese living there. When thesesaw them, they captured them and they brought them to the concentration camp.

In the refugee camp, every day they went to picking up some persons for bringing them to a better place. James alreadybrought some days to the field d concentration eating potatoes and talking to his North American friend until a day they picked them up for bringing them to a better place.

The confidence of theJapanese officer has to be won once there. This achieves it making works for other persons of the field. A day the Japanese airplanes that went to the war and James kept very happy went fromseeing them
How the war started, they moved all prisoners to stadium where there were all the wealths of the persons. James kept to sleep and how he awakened he saw a white light in the sky, it was theatomic bomb.

At the end of everything they bring the children to all of them in a building so that their parents search them. After a while James his parents and they were a lot moved.
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