Energia solar

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  • Publicado : 9 de junio de 2011
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Journal Articles
The more widespread use by of the renewable following resources is constrained factors: *The public lacks Andersen, Glen. "Green 2.0: renewables can promote economic recovery, increase energy security and protect the environment." State Legislatures 35.4 (April 2009): 24(4). "Breaking the biofuel barrier: a plan for economical and sustainable production ofbiomass ethanol for transportation fuel." Energy 31.3 (Summer 2006): 30(4). Bluvas, Kristin. "Distributed generation: a step forward in United States energy policy." Albany Law Review 70.4 (Fall 2007): 1589(26). Choi, Jeannie. "The green industrial revolution: how Green For All is building a nationwide green-collar economy.(building a green economy)." Sojourners Magazine 38.5 (May 2009): 14(4).Doremus, Holly, and Michael Hanemann. "The challenges of dynamic water management in the American West." UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy 25.2 (Winter 2007): 55(21). Garmhausen, Steve. "Growing a green business: how to plant seeds of success and profit from the booming environmental movement.(B.E.ING


Liverpool 31 Col. Juarez06600 México D.F. Tel. 55-5080-2000 ext. 2089 y 2733 http://www.usembassy-mexico.gov/biblioteca

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information about the availability, costs, and benefits ofrenewable energy technologies. *Project initiators and managers often fail to understand the energy and needs related of fail social rural to

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adapt projects to meet these needs, and fail to involve design. *Governments to assess costs and and the communities in project


attractive option. (Renewable Energy Investment)." Power

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behaviors support sustainable development?." Environment 47.9 (Nov 2005): 22(17).

agencies frequently fail benefits correctly when comparing to options given subsidization traditional resources--and life-cycle accounting externality society. costs fail renewable energy heavy of energy to particularly the traditional

value resources on a basis, for to

Lorenzini, Paul. "Asecond look at nuclear power: by overlooking nuclear power in the quest for clean energy, we are condemning ourselves to a future of increased fossil fuel use." Issues in Science and Technology 21.3 (Spring 2005): 31(8). Lunt, Robin J. "Recharging U.S. energy policy: advocating for a national renewable portfolio standard." UCLA Journal

and development is needed...
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