English gothic literature

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-First of all we have to study the meaning of the Word “gothic”. It has a got direct relation with The Goths, who were an East Germanic tribe. This tribe is related with the Gothic art, which wasa medieval art movement in France from the Low Middle Ages. Gothic literature is not from the Middle Ages, it actually is from the 19th century, so what is the relation between this two artisticmovements?
-Gothic art, concretely Gothic arquitechture tries to be SUBLIME, which means that it highlights its power and greatness in opposite of the simplify of the human beings. And it is,concretely in this point where the relation between Gothic architechture and Gothic literature is. In the idea of making the human being feel little and fragile.
-Apat from that, there is an importantrelation between Gothicism and Romanticism, Both of them are narrative movements from the 19th century and many of the romanticism writers are also gothic narrative writers. The romanticism appears as areaction to the Neoclassicism, the former model, which tries to explain everything with the model of logic and reason. The romanticism is more focused on all the elements that are not on the field oflogic, such as the feelings of passion, emotion, fear, etc Feelings that built a path to death. They are destructive. All these elements are also presented in gothic literature.
- Gothic patterns;
1.The excess: in opposite to self control. It represents a transgression of the human laws and supernatural facts. It means a challenge to the law of physics. The natural is supplied by the supernaturaland the reason and knowledge are supplied by the unknown. There is worry for all the things that are not known.
2. The Evil: in the 18th there was a clear difference between goodness and evilness.In the Gothic literature the evilness is more ambiguous and dangerous. The characters are more polarized and they have a good and evil part, there is not a villain in gothic literature, and the...
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