English literature

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English literature

Chapter 1: “old english literatura” 600-1100 A.D (D.C)

Historical background: agles + saxons + jutes, started with the Germanic invasion. King: Alfred the great
It finishedwith the Norman conquest in 1066.

Characteristics: evil vs goodness, religious poetry, heroic epic poems, sermons, homelies.

Author | Works |
Unknown | “Beowulf”, the first epic poem. 3000lines in 7th century“The battle of Maldon” Denmark history. |
Caedmon | “Caedmon’s Hymns” |
Cynewolf | “The dream of the rood”
“Julian”“The fate of the apostles” |
Aelfric | “Lives of saints” |Saint Bede | “Historic ecclesiastics gentis Anglorum” |

Chapter 2: “middle English” 1066 – 1500

Characteristics: the language changed to the English we know today (old middle modern).“English” language was only used by poor people, rich people spoke latin.

Topics: religious topics, early plays called “Miracle or Mystery plays”

Author | Works |
Geoffrey Chaucer “the father of Englishpoetry or literature” | “The Canterbury tales”“Troylus and Cryseyde” |
Richard Rolle | “The form of perfect living” |
John Wycliffe | He translated the bible |
Thomas Malory | “Morte D’Arthur” |William Langland | “Piers Plowman” |

Chapter 3: “Elizabethan era: poetry and prose” 1558 – 1625

Historical background: queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland “the virgin queen”, she livedbetween 1558 and 1603. “The golden age”. The Tudor dynasty finished.

Poetry Authors | Works |
Henry Howard “Earl of Surrey” | He introduced the blank verse in EnglandHe translated the second andfourth books of “Virgil’s Aeneid” |
Sir Thomas Wyatt | He introduced the Italian sonnet into English“Sony and Sonnets” |
Edmund Spenser | He invented the Spensirian Stanza“The faerie Queene” |William Shakespeare | “154 sonnets”“Venus and Adonis” is the longer one |
Sir Philip Sidney | “Astrophell and Stella” |

Prose Authors | Works |
John Lyly | “The anatomy of Wit” |...
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