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Learning more about literary movements and their development over the time helps us understand the reasons of the novels and the particular style of the authors. What I find interesting is the influence that each work has on society according to the time of writing, and today many of them are still being studied because they provide art, education and history. In this brief essay we will coversome literary genres to determine the style of some writers and how they represent that era.
Realism is a literary technique used by writers in the middle of the Civil war, this technique is very important because it demonstrates the real situation of different regions of America by writhing some human experiences , including the way of living, and some problems presented because of the war. Ithas also the aim of demonstrates that human can participate and control his life in the way he wants.
Realism is an image of the real situation of that époque, as we know some aspects of the Civil War were influenced in some persons´ way of thinking, in this case those aspects were influenced in the poets´ way of writing, so we can find in that literature some topics about wars, history,politics, autobiographies, the economic situation, etc. to make the reader think that what he or she is reading is the representation of the real world at that time. Another important aspect I want to mention is that there are some categories in the Romanticism, one of them is named as “local color” this style shows the particularity of some specific state, such as traditions, climate, society, etc. muchof the realistic writers used to write about their hometown and it was possible to write in dialects in order to be understood by their readers.
Doing an analysis of The Red Badge of Courage written by Stephen Crane, much of the characteristics of the war novel make it part of the Realism movement because of its distinctive style, for example the logic of the sequences, the feelings expressedcompletely by its protagonist. His experiences presented are subjective rather than objective. I think this novel belongs to the impressionism genre also because of the protagonist’s emotions and reactions presented on it.

Naturalism instead gives more details about an everyday world and it tends to have more politics works than traditional as Realism does. It isn´t as individual as Realismdoes, this technique tries to give to humans the message that thinking in general is better than thinking individually, in that way changes will be easier to make and those changes will be more evident. I find this style more interesting because I agree with the idea of thinking of the others. What is certain is that to make any change we have to start by changing ourselves then, society willchange with us. This technique includes also topics like socialism and capitalism.
Stephen Crane produced several classic works of literary naturalism, also. His style has been called realistic, naturalistic and impressionistic. Like the impressionist painters, he tried to give an accurate rendering of the scene as a whole rather than concentrating on detail. His style was also marked by the use ofvivid color and imagery.
As we know, Naturalistic works represents humans as helpless or nearly helpless victims of natural and social forces. Because these forces usually affect the characters negatively, freezing them to be death, for example, or leading them into poor jobs and destructive relationships, I think naturalistic poetry tend to be dreary in tone.
It is important to mention thatNaturalism is closely allied to realism, because it resembles in its attention to detail and its opposition to idealized romance.

The Romanticism era was a period in which the writers tried to be more natural and emotional. During this period there was a broad shift of emphasis in the arts, away from the structured, intellectual, reasoned approach of the 18th century which is often called the...
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