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  • Publicado : 27 de noviembre de 2011
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British International Collage Guidelines for Applicants
Date of last revision: 17/11/2011
The following British International College guidelines are established in order to set the requirements forany student which wants to study in our school. This is made to ensure excellence and know that every single student is availed to keep up with the school´s rigorous academic rhythm. Furthermore, benoticed that in the guidelines the necessity of exams is required, each of them costs 30$ USD. Please be noticed that after making the exams, there are no refunds.
1. Make a psychological test inour school with one of our professional psychiatrists which will ensure saneness in the student.
2. Pay a five thousand dollar bonus.
3. If the student is eight years old or older, he needs toprovide the grades from his older school to be taking in consideration.
4. Students that are willing to enter the last two years of high school (Year 12 and 13), will not be taken inconsideration, and do not apply. They will not be taken in consideration as they need years of adaptation for our curriculum; we consider that in two years the adaptation process can’t happen.
5. Applicantsshould make an English test in which they should get 80% or more, to just be taken in consideration. The difficulty of the test will vary depending in the grade the applicant wants to enter.
6. Ifone´s are trying to enter any grade in high school(year 8-year11) they should make a test which will include all the topics from all subjects studied the previous year e.g. An applicant wanting toenter year 10, should make a test from all the topics studied in year 9 by the school.
7. Applicants should name the religion they practice in a special form that will be provided by the school.8. Applicants should show their family´s bank account, demonstrating financial stability.
9. The realization of medical exams is necessary to be taken in consideration, this one’s have to be...
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