English teaching in mexico

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The English teaching its very nature it implies not only the transmission of
a language but also the dissemination of values and beliefs. In response, students take, appropriate, oppose or resist the English. The target language can described as a language of opportunities, economic growth and personal development as a language of domination, submission and repression. While the "industry" ofEnglish (for example, authors and publishers of textbooks) is keen to show apolitical, different approaches Critics claim the English teaching as
Foreign Language promotes certain attitudes and worldviews that students need to accept.

In the case of Mexico, for example, students are faced with clear choices about how they use the target language. First of all, one can consider English as thelanguage of international commerce, acceptance, interconnection and integration. Moreover, English can serve as a means by which the country can be enforced and play a greater role on the world stage. In other words, the English can be considered the lingua franca of globalization, or what users can use a second language for their own political purposes, social and economic.

The English teachingis maybe one of the most important topics in the Education of the country, this due to the globalization that we are living in this time. Mexico uses the English language to make an infinite kind of activities with other countries especially with the United States, and it is considered like the second official language for Mexico in their education, making this as a subject in the levels ofeducation at most of their levels, in their business using it in conferences as they use it to interchange materials or even having a company from the United States and using people from our country that have to learn this language to success in the work field required, those just to mention some of the reasons about how the English teaching influences in the general development in some many areas ofMexico.

The main point of the English language in Mexico has to due with the communication, this starting with the fact that Mexico needs to have a relationship with too many countries to advance and then the other countries have different language and those are too much, so the English there has the function of work as a general language so then even if the countries doesn't share the knowledgeof the same words and culture, the English plays an important roll on this communication at the time that the different countries knows the language and can establish a chat or business through an agreement with the same code.

Also the English helps to the Mexicans in their education, this means that by then when the citizens have a good level of the language could advance to have a better workor even to apply in other country giving their classes about their knowledge in specific topic or subject but in another language that is kind of international.

By then… we have mentioned the relationship between Mexico and the United States using as principal the English language. Mexico as the country that it is needs to have a big relationship with the United States in too many aspects andthat are so important to both countries.

To have a country of development and from first world it has to be supported by another that already is this, so Mexico is handled by the United States in many things and that's why they have a good relationship inside of the argument. Mexico has advanced, for this reason; Mexico has to learn many things from the United States, that's why the importanceat first from the language, if that didn't appear we wouldn't have this actual relationship and the advance on it.

In so many cases the society have said that this advance is not good as they say due to the advance is because the globalization, and as many people fight to have a good relationship with so many countries to have a better life quality, there is the other part of the people that...
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