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  • Publicado : 30 de abril de 2011
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Antofagasta Region, Chile (San Pedro)

I am very happy in San Pedro, I have been very entertaining, this place is amazing, I metyesterday Laguna Cejar, i swam in that place, now I hope to meet the Valle de la Luna, I have lived perfect moments. I met very nicepeople here, has been a great experience to know people from all over the world, Canada, United States.

I have traveled the most beautiful imaginableplaces, fortunately I was able to do so, and unfortunately there is little time to return. The most surprise visit was Lagunas Altiplanicas.Unfortunately, my fellow travelers have not been with me, are not reliable, because they decided to go elsewhere, but nothing would ruin thewonderful times I've gone.

1 Hello, how are you
2 Fine and you
1 Very happy
2 Why are you so happy?
1 Because my roommate is very goodpartner
1 Carlos is always working at home, he is generous and helpful throughout.
1 With who do you live?
2 I live with my brother
1 He’s yourroommate that you expected?

2 He is not so good
1 Why?
2 Because roberto is always selfish, he is always competitive and arrogant, hasa bad sense of humor and is shy with women when we go to parties
1 Good luck with your brother, now I will go to study with my roommate,bye.
2 Ok, bye.

acá les dejo un dialogo y un blog en ingles, ojala les sirva, así se motivan y conocen san pedro de ataca, es filete
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