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  • Publicado : 23 de mayo de 2011
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My diary
4th March 2011:
I’m not so ready for the math contest and that’s the result from my stress. My friend Alex told me she has relationship with Diego, but Ihave to remind her about his birthday because she’s a distracted person. I have to reply a letter to my new school, because I received it yesterday from Guadalajara,so I must reply it as soon as possible!
6th March 2011:
Today I went to the doctor and he said I must eat a lot of citric fruits because they are rich in vitamin C,he also said I should refrain from eating fatty foods if I want to be healthy. The doctor said that there are a relationship between high-fat diet and cholesteroldisase. So I will rely on my best friend carol, she will help me with my diet and eating disorders!
8th March 2011:
Yesterday I went to a party! So my friends and Imade up at my house and then we left, so I putted forward to go to the disco before going to the party. My friends paid me back so I bought a martini for me. Aftera lot of martinis I passed out, because I must arrived to the party safe and sound.
11th March 2011:
I thought the math contest would be really difficult but in theend after finished my exam it was a piece of cake. Well there was a physic’s contest too but I didn’t subscribe it didn’t sound like my cup of tea, but anywaysubject contests are a bit of hot potato in our school at the moment.

12th March 2011:
I won the math contest! So I’m into the public eye now, but in the school we allwere remembering our childhood so we talked about the good old days. Talking about other topics I will be a proud student of UAG I think I found my place in the sun.
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