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Essay: Supporting the ones you love
Movie: Gifted hands

“One is never weaker than when one appears to have everybody’s support” (by Olivier). Isn’t it true that everyone needs the support fromsomeone? Perhaps from your parents, friends or even teachers. Having someone important in your life to support and built a path to your success is truly a blessing. For this reason, I exhort anyone toalways talk and have deep conversations with the ones you love. Even though, parents are difficult some times we need to understand that they want the best for us, their children.

Parents!Sometimes they are a headache. However, the best support you can have may come from your mother or father. They make you feel so confident that you just keep dreaming and dreaming without anythingblocking your way. In the movie, Gifted hands, if it wasn’t for Ben Carson’s mother he wouldn’t have become in what he became. His mother always believed in him and made him look ahead. If your parentsare not there for you, there are other people who really care about you.

Real friends are not easy to find but there is always a special person around you can count with. If you have yourfriends support you feel happier and that will help in whatever you want to do in your life. In addition, some friends just fool you and laugh at you. Still, no one is perfect; everyone has their ups andtheir downs, that’s the true life. With their support would you be happier?

In school, us students sometimes believe that teachers want to see us bad. The truth is that teachers are verydifferent, some of them are good and some of them just need to retire. Like in the movie, one teacher didn’t want Ben to win a prize in the graduation just because he was of black color. For instance,you just need to choose right the ones to admire and listen. Surely, some of them love to help and push their students to the path of success. Are your teachers like that?

Is support...
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