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The controversy regarding the political status of Taiwan hinges on weather Taiwan, including Penghu , should remain effectively independent as territory of the Republic of China (ROC), become unified with the territories now governed by the People’s Republic of the China (PRC) or formally declared independence and become the Republic of Taiwan. The controversy over the political status of theRepublic of China hinges on whether its existence as a state is legitimate and recognized by the international world specially, the seat of China in United Nations being replaced by People’s Republic of China over mainland China in 1971. Here, it is shown some effects as consequences of its political status like Taiwan’s diplomatic relations, the one China policy and international organizations andTaiwan.

The PRC refuses to maintain diplomatic relations with any nation that recognizes the ROC but does not object to nations conducting economical, cultural and other such exchanges with Taiwan that do not imply diplomatic relation. Therefore, that has diplomatic relations with Beijing have quasi diplomatic relations with Taipei. For example, the united States maintain have the AmericanInstitute with in Taiwan similarly, the government in Taiwan quasi diplomatic offices in most nations under various names, must commonly as the Taipei economical and cultural office.

The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Republic of India, Pakistan and Japan have formally adopted the One China Policy, under which the People’s Republic of China is theoretically the sole legitimate governmentof China. However, the United States and Japan acknowledge rather than recognized the PRC position that Taiwan is part of China, in the case of Canada and the UK bilateral written agreements state that the two respective parties take note of Beijing’s positions but do not use word support, despite the PRC claim that the United States opposes Taiwanese independence. The United States takesadvantages of the subtle difference between “oppose” and “does not support”

Under continuing pressure from the PRC to bar any representation of the ROC that may imply statehood. International organizations have adopted different policies toward the issue of ROC’s participation. In cases with almost all UN members or sovereign states participates. Such as the World health organization, the ROC hascompletely shut out, while in others, the World Trade Organization and International Olympic Committee, the ROC participates under unusual names “Chinese Taipei” in the case of APEC and the IOC and the “Separate Custom Territory of Taiwan”.

Taiwan is a little nation with big dreams; and challenges, the biggest one is to be recognized as an independent country all over the world but before thiscould happen, for many countries, there are many issues surrounding, like for example; Taiwan/ROC continuing to be a contentious issue in non - governmental organizations such us the Lions Club. This faced considerable controversy naming its Taiwanese branch and in the other side all this ambiguity has resulted for the United States and for some other countries constantly walking on a diplomatictightrope with regard to the China/ Taiwan issue.

Human migration has been presented in all societies since the earliest century. But nowadays most of the people only know about contemporary migration, without knowing the real origins of the human migration. In this essay it is described the origins and process of the early migration. First, it is explained the origins of migration with the movementof Homo erectus, then, about the evidence of the ancestor of Austrian from the south of China, and finally it is described the process of the Greek immigrants, these three big groups immigrate to rest parts of the world like America, Europe, India and so on.

Historical migration of human populations begins with the movement of Homo erectus out of Africa across Eurasia about a million years...
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