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  • Publicado : 18 de julio de 2010
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I have an infinite love for dogs; they are in my opinion, the most loyal creatures on the Earth. Since I was a child I always wanted to have my own dog but for different circumstances, I never could have one until I was 21 years old.

Even though I like and love any kind of dog, one of my favorite breeds are beagles, so I decided that my first dog had to be a beautifultricolor male beagle. When I went to the store to pick out my new little friend, there were 4 beagle puppies available, two were female and two were male.

All of them were adorable, so small, but there was only one that stole my heart as soon as I saw him. He was the cutest and chubbiest doggy from the others, he was also the most obnoxious puppy, when the keeper fed them, he went in front to eatfirst and pretty much took all the food before the rest could eat any portion. After this he fell asleep and laid down to take a nap. He looked so charming, that I could not help being in love with him, so I definitely decided to get him and I am glad that I took my choice fast, because another couple was looking for a male beagle to give him as a present to their son and of course, they wantedthe same dog than me, but they could not do anything because the keeper told them that he just got an owner…

My favorite rock band is Pink Floyd, I always thought that if my dog was a female her name would be “Pink”, but no, I got a beautiful male beagle that I named “Floyd”. When I took him home he was a little scared and confused, it took him a while to get use to his new home. I personallymade him a bed, with his name on front, he loved it from the first time, he loved it so much that he ate part of it, the material was plain cardboard.

Floyd has always been playful, affectionate and very difficult to train. Teaching him to do or not to do something was really a pain in the ass, not because he is stupid but because he is stubborn, the only way to make him learn something reallyfast is with food, but oh well, that’s something that almost every dog does.

The time passed by and my baby grew up, he became a beautiful adult beagle, with a great “personality”. He was almost one year old when I went to live in the mountains of Colorado and of course, I took Floyd with me. Again he had to get used to his new home, which he loved much more than the small apartment where welived before. The new house is 4 times bigger, with lots of land.

One afternoon, my husband’s daughter went outside to play with my doggy and forgot to put him back in the pen. So she went back inside of the house, took a shower, got cleaned up and did many other things before she realized that Floyd had run away. When I asked her if she put him in the corral, her answer was “don’t worry, Johana,Floyd will come back. All the dogs that we had before came back a while later when running away, my dog Summer once came back at 3:00 a.m.” I was not really convinced with that answer, because the dogs they had were much bigger than mine, they would not be in trouble with the other wild animals around since we live near the National Forest where all the bears, mountain lions, foxes and coyotesare.

Floyd left our yard when it was about 5:00 pm in the afternoon, he never came back to me during the hours that I called his name and looked for him around the neighborhood.

Finally, at 11:00 pm I asked my husband to go with me in the car to look for him further. It was very dark and a little chilly because the wind was blowing. After calling Floyd during 10 minutes, I thought I heard adog’s bark, but I wasn’t sure. Then I call his name again and then for sure I heard a dog’s bark, a distinctive beagle’s bark. Every time I called him, he barked but never came to me. His bark was of desperation and fear, like asking for help. It took me 5 minutes to figure out from where he was barking, my husband thought that I was wrong because he said that the sound was coming from another...
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