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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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Being a stickler about reading is one of my handicaps. Finding “good reads” has always been difficult for me. At my current reading level, anything; lengthy, objective, or fluffed with pointlessrhetoric, gets the first line, last line, treatment. You might ask, what is the first line, last line treatment? It’s actually quite simple. If you find that the reading is boring, but must be readbecause of irreconcilable grading circumstances, then read the first line and the last line of every paragraph. If that doesn’t help to muster the courage to continue, then prepare yourself to deal withthe grading circumstances.
I’m sorry, but; “The Price We Pay” received the first line, last line, treatment. The material was extremely lengthy and reading through the huge paragraphs took me back toComputer Coding 101. I thought I was reading code. I’ll admit, the subject was touchy and could reach out and grab the soul of every red blooded American but, I could not bring myself to reading it.With one down and two to go, I’m left with “The Fourth of July” and “Someone’s Mother”. In all my many readings’, which is quite minimal, who am I to give “The Fourth of July” the “first line, lastline” treatment? It kept my attention through its ups and downs. It reeled me back in several times and the reinforcement of the main point was achieved on several occasions. All while it continuouslyflowed through its flashbacks and flash forwards.
What was my ultimate pick, you may ask? “Someone’s Mother”. The verbal illustration of this piece is phenomenal. The way Joan Murray displays herthoughts in order of precedence, as well as keeping my interest throughout the literature. The characters moral conflict’s, to be truthful, is what sold me. I actually read every word! Who in New Yorkpicks up hitchhikers? Who would drop a; helpless, church going, feisty, senile, 90 year old woman, who just walked several miles, with only her promise, off at a clinic.
If I had to read again any...
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