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  • Publicado : 10 de mayo de 2011
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Lets watch a comedy movie
Planning on watching a movie? You have to choose a movie to watch? I recommend you to watch a comedy movie, maybe a love comedy? Well the newest love comedy moviesare “All about Steve” and “The ugly truth”. One is a comedy with a twist of romance and the other a love comedy. I’m going to write a few things that can help you decide wish one to see and give shortinformation about each one.
The movie “All about Steve” its about a woman that works for a newspaper that has dedicated her life just to work and still lives with her parents. She go on to a blinddate with a man and get obsessed with him. The movie rolls with her chasing him around the country. The movie is a comedy it has some love parts but it’s more of a comedy. The protagonists are MaryHorowitz played by Sandra Bullock and Steve Mueller by Bradley Cooper, and Phil Traill directs it. It’s a real good movie as well as “ The ugly truth”.
The movie “The ugly truth” its about a womanthat it’s a news channel director that it’s really strict and do things according to books, she had passed her life dreaming about finding a perfect man that doesn’t exist. On the news company theyhire a man that’s going to have a segment called “the ugly truth” were he talks about reality’s abot couple’s and relationships. They start a weird friendship and without noticing fall in love. Thismovie is a romantic comedy. The protagonists are Katherine Heigl as Abby Richter and Gerard Butler as Mike Chadway, and Robert Luketic directs it.
This movie’s has a lot of similarities forexample all protagonist work for News Company’s. The men’s they meet at first aren’t interested on them. Both movies I’m sure that will make you laugh for a good time and both of them have released on DVDrecently. Even tough they have similarities they have some contrast things too, like the places each one it’s filmed; they have different actors and director. In one movie the protagonist’s finish...
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