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  • Publicado : 11 de marzo de 2012
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Those obscene, ubiquitous cellphone cameras are catching you from every angle, whether you know the owner or not and whether you want to be shot or not. The entire United Kingdom and the rest of theworld were scandalized when news broke out. British journalists were accused of doing the most tiny, insignificant thing. The journalists were accused of hiring private detectives that were able tohack into the phones of celebrities, high politicians, and of course the royals. London’s Metropolitan Police are very serious taking the time to investigate this situation which threats to end ourworld as we have come to know it.
Entertainers that are in the spotlight who serve to entertain are suddenly demanding privacy rights. Well actually they claim to have a right. They must be remindedthat they gave up such a right long ago. The gods and goddesses of this world who are entitled to everything they desire. A celebrity is an odd creature, unpredictable at times. They sometimesdesperately want attention but once they have it they hide and cannot handle it anymore. Actors and actresses have nude rules which one must respect. A famous one inspired on one famous interview with MarilynMonroe where she claims that she didn’t mind that people saw her naked. On the contrary she would be mortified if they saw her doing number two.
Politicians, celebrities, sport superstars and otherentertainers fall into a dementia, extreme psychosis. They authentically believe that they are being watched.  Almost everywhere they go.  From their perspective it seems as if video camerasproliferate like sex-crazed rabbits.  What is really a blurry picture in comparison to all the fans? Celebrities find relief around giant gorilla like men who claim to protect them but in reality they are justlooking for a meal. These ¨bodyguards¨ are great at giving us the juicy information we all want to know but do not want to admit we do.
We bought the album, a ticket for the next concert and every...
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