Ensayo sobre la expocicon de los cuerpos platificados (esta en ingles)

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  • Publicado : 6 de diciembre de 2010
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World History

For the exhibition of human bodies is a huge revolution to the museum as we know it and because it is good...
In ancient times for reasons of religion, modesty, obscurantism and lack of knowledge the idea of prosecuting human bodies to be exhibited was a matter of punishment or death to become regarded as"heresy."

In some cultures the bodies if they were prosecuted but for reasons of religious belief is held. Such as the Egyptians who embalmed people died because they believed that at some pointthe spirits of those people return to their body.

But after a while came the Dark Ages and the Inquisition, where, despite many things were discovered about the human body's mind was not open enoughto accept the idea of preserving a body as we are made according to the bible likeness of God by which plasticized human body would be like God laminate. Therefore, it was forbidden. But over theyears and many inventions that have revolutionized science, medicine, society and life itself have reached the limits of thinking.

The best way to teach the wonder of a human body with all its smalldetails would be with another human body and perhaps learn to take care it deserves. This is what Luis Alvarado Contreras (creator of "Bodies") meant to do with this show now after many years we canfinally really see what can wound to mean a broken leg, a strong burn, as would a baby while in the womb or something even stronger and significant as organs with invasive diseases such as cancer.

Itis good that we now use this technique to show new generations what can happen, for example if they smoke, drink excessively or to have appropriate caution is also a good way to show the beauty andcomplexity of our body for example, the dancers, of course, is beautiful when they are on stage with their points by turns and jumps that are a challenge to gravity itself. But, as we see these...
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