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[Birdman intro]
So priceless,
Life so priceless nigga,
You understand me, it's just like that,
My car so priceless,
My bitch so priceless,
My familia is so priceless nigga,
Youunderstand me?
Either you with us,
Or you ain't with us,
Either you in tha huddle,
Or you out the huddle,
Either you ridin',
Or we passin', flyin' by saying fuck ya,
It's Young MoneyCash Money playboy,
That's about the size of 'em,
At the roof top,
So hot up here nigga,

[Drake chorus]
Take yourself a picture when I'm standing at the mound,
And Iswear it's going down, I'm just reppin' for my town,
Off a cup of C.J. Gibson, man I'm faded off the pound,
And I̢۪m easily influenced by the niggas I'm around,
See that AstonMartin when I start it hear the sound,
I ain't never graduated I ain't got no cap and gown,
But the girls in my class who were smart enough to pass,
Be at all my fucking parties, grabbing moneyoff the ground,

[Drake verse 1]
Yeah, all hail Mr. Lyrical,
Spades of the Opus baby,
What you got a feeling for,
I can show you new things,
Have you feeling spiritual,
Pastor KerneyThomas to these hoesâ€Â¦miwacles!
Yeah ok they say that I'm the one in fact,
Some say that I'm they favorite
But I ain't hearing none of that,
I̢۪m all about myteam hoe, Young Money running back,
Cash money superstar, where the fuck is Stunna at?

[Birdman verse 2]
Untouchable, 40 with my AK, master mind
Big money heavyweight,

[ From:http://www.metrolyrics.com/4-my-town-play-ball-lyrics-birdman.html ]

On the grind, flippin' money in every way
Headlines, my bitch shine everyday
Pearl white
Don P., Marc Jacob glove
Cartier Louis casewith a dope blood
From the mud where they wet you
Leave you in ya blood
Goin' in flip a hundred get the young plug
Show 'em where it go, floatin' on the float
Gettin' mo' dough, grind...
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