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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2010
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TORREON, COAHUILA, MEXICO NOVIEMBRE DEL 2010The great secret always is been present of form fragmented in the oral traditions, in the literature, in the religions and in the different philosophies ofall the steal. For the first steals, all these components there is assembled in an incredible revelation that to transform it life of everything that one that experiences it.
In this movie we learnto use The Secret in all the aspects of the life: as for the money, the health, the relations with any person, the happiness in all the aspects and in all your interactions with the world. We willstart understanding the secret power and without exploiting that it is inside us. This great revelation us was contributing a great happiness in all the areas of the life.
The Secret encloses the wisdomof the big current teachers, men and women who have used it to obtain health, fortune, love, peace, fullness and happiness. They have applied the knowledge of The Secret and reveal theirs incrediblehistories of treatments, of generation of big wealths, of overcoming obstacle and of obtaining what many qualify of impossibly.
Since any of us has followed his own trip of self-discovery, towards usthemselves. In the course of the same one it has managed designers and publishers assembled a phenomenal equipment of writers, the secretaries of the Church, producers of cinema, in order that TheSecret saw the light and in order that his vision was transmitting happiness to million persons.
Highly coveted, secret, lost, stolen and bought by big sums of money, it have been transmitted in all youthem were. Thousand-year-old Secret East it some of the prominent appear have known emphasized from her history: Plato, Galilean, Beethoven, Edison, Carnegie, Einstein, this way com many other...
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