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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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Method Study
Method study is the process of subjecting work to systematic, critical scrutiny to make it more effective and/or more efficient. It is one of the keys toachieving productivity improvement.
It was originally designed for the analysis and improvement of repetitive manual work but it can be used for all types of activity at all levels ofan organisation.
My overall study method includes a combination of reading and creating consolidated notes. In most classes that have a strong textbook component and lots ofkey terms and concepts, I usually make an outline of each chapter, highlighting main points and chapter definitions. I make sure to also come up with examples for concepts,because most teachers like when you can explain a concept with definitions – it shows that you’re really grasping the material. I combine class notes in with these chapter outlinesso that I can have one main thing to study -- I don’t have to go back to other notes or the textbook unless absolutely necessary. It’s important to also remember to do theseoutlines right after a chapter is discussed -- most classes won’t test you on material until they’ve covered at least 3 or 4 chapters, and creating outlines at the last minute isvery time-consuming, so it’s always best to prepare for tests before you even know they’re coming! 
The study method I use almost every day ispart of EPLERR methodwhich is to examine, ask questions, read, sketch, recite, review.Each of these steps is very important because it is a fundamental part to carry what is the learning of the subject.This method is based primarily in our understanding of the text readso you can store logically and do not forget easily.
It's one of my favorite methods and also very effective!
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