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  • Publicado : 27 de abril de 2011
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Write about physics is one of the best ways to clarify the conceptual problems posed in your text about physics.
Scientific writing requires its own types of organization, clear sentence, andprecise word choices.

You can found 8 tips that can help you in your text about physics

1.- Know where you’re aiming

There are 2 important things you ought to have clear when you are assigned towrite about physics:
a) You have to know what they are asking you to do (description, analisis, etc)
b) You have to know what readers you’re writing for, if they are experts, non-specialist,and classmates.

2.- Getting started: have a point and make it clear

First, you should write down a set of ask and question about the chosen topic, so you can guide and order your thinking.Second, you can use a title to capture the essence of your ideas

3.- Create a logical structure

A good way to structure a piece of writing is to make a draft listing the points per paragraph to checkthe logical and coherent way to express.

4.- Explain your ideas

You have to write not only to show your knowledge, but think about the readers and the best way to make your and them happy aboutwriting.

5.- Read, listen, and write critically

You have to write your piece of write according to your own thinking, but of course you can write it based on what others have thought.
Youshould avoid quotes in this kind of essay.

6.- Be focused and coherent

To make your piece of write on a central point, divide even a short assignment into paragraphs that lead your readers throughyour ideas step by step.

To create the kind of coherence follows these:

- Don’t waste space with irrelevancies; follow your message, topic or idea consistently.
- Maintain a writing styleand voice.

7.- Be clear

Make your style as simple as possible.

Some basic principles:

a) Use the simplest word, don’t try to impress your readers with your vocabulary, the subject is...
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