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Life changing decisions
An essay of “A walk in the clouds”

Everyone has to make choices. Your choices may or may not alter your life. What you do with the hard choices determine how you choose tomake your life to be. In the movie and short story A Walk in the Clouds the decisions made not only change their lives but the lives of many others. The relationships we see in the movie resemblequite perfectly what life at the time was like.
At the time in which the story is set, it was not uncommon to marry on Saturday and ship out on Monday. For Paul and Betty this was just what happened.Paul wanted fantasy love and Betty wanted a love based on money wealth. Meanwhile Victoria became pregnant by a professor who abandoned her as soon as he found out. Paul and Victoria met merely bychance, while he was going to work and she was going home to her family that would no doubt disown her when they found out she was pregnant.
Once they met, they realized they were everything each otherwanted. For Paul, family was it, and he envied Victoria's family and their traditions, whereas Victoria had always wanted to meet an honorable man with such noble intentions. Paul’s choice to lie forVictoria, was the right thing to do for him, he felt it could not truly affect him, and the lie would help Victoria. However, as days passed they both fell in love. Paul’s choice was to go back to aloveless marriage or to stay with Victoria, his honor however lets him know that even though he wants to be with Victoria, he also has a wife, and a commitment to her. He decides that until he is freehe will not be with Victoria because he doesn’t want to hurt her. Fate made it possible for Paul to go back home and find out that Betty had the marriage annulled. This opened the door for Paul to goand ask Victoria to marry him, but when he went to do it, a fight between him and her father causes the vineyard to catch fire and burn completely.
This story for me shows how a simple decision can...
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