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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2011
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I was walking with my sister on the street when we saw in the window of a store, a big box with black and white moving pictures inside. We didn’t know what it was, but it left us very curious. Weentered to that store but it was full of people and we were unable to see that thing that captures our attention, but we promise to come back again and buy it.
My family was very poor; my mother used towash other people’s clothes, my father was a carpenter and also my brother. My sister and I sometimes earn money teaching math. My siblings and I never had toys or something to play. My parentsalways worked very hard just to pay their bills, the food and our education. They never used their money to buy something out of common to give us our desire. One day, my sister and I decided to come backto the store and buy that box; it was time to have something fancy, so we took all our save money and we went to the store very early. We look the box very near, we ask for the price, we ask how itworked and first of all we ask what the name of that box was. It was called television, and it was an electronic apparatus that receives electromagnetic waves and displays the reconverted images on ascreen. When we arrived home we turned it on. When my family saw the television they looked very surprised, they thought that the images were miniature people that was inside the television. It was veryfunny. Finally we sat together and we enjoy our fancy television.

How I became myself

I’m the last of three sisters. My oldest sister is ten years older than me and the second one is nine. Soas the youngest, I have always been very spoiled. When I was a child everybody was after me giving me everything I want, however they teach me the value of the things they gave me and also that I haveto strive to get my goals. When I grew up everybody in my house were doing their responsibilities as adult people. I was always surrounded by them so I became very independent and I learned how to...
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