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In this esay write about traditional authority is domination, power and social relations,taking into account the legitimacy as the main point of domination and individual consciousness is realfreedom, the collective consciousness is the limiting confusewhoever say away from the group that would be a lack of solidarity, but it is not, the individual human being is a person of good faith, isbetter prepared to help othersthan one who always likes to live in groups and conditioned by the impressionabilityand susceptibility the social environment.

We will have a minimum ofobedience or interest in obeying, but there is no authorityfor that person or no domain to the servers. Domination is not used in the economic field but when working with a large group of people, you talkabout administrative framework, so as to have the security of a job well done. Legitimacy is not purelyideal, because a relationship of domination could have arisen through formally free contract. The only peoplewho lack this voluntary relationship are slaves.

The traditional legitimacy is based on traditional customs and beliefs that have existed from earlier times. Charismatic legitimacy is basedon the view that the person who assumes the position of command has some quality or qualities thatmake it different from others as a hero. This establishes a charismatic authority as existed in ancientsocieties that had a religious leader.

Individual consciousness is real freedom, the collective consciousness is the limitingconfuse whoever away from the group say that would be a lack ofsolidarity, but it is not, the individual human being is a person of good faith, is better prepared to helpothers to one who always likes to live in groups and conditioned bythe susceptibilityimpressionability and social environment.

The individual human being, it is more invulnerable therefore is less exposed for its tolerance of adverse feelings typical of the collective minds such as vanity,...
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