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  • Publicado : 12 de septiembre de 2010
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I will talk about the class of strategies for success in this class the important topic was how to control test anxiety and its consequences. Taking a test can, and often does, produce a stressfulsituation called "test anxiety." By knowing what test anxiety is you should be able to overcome, or at least reduce, it. There are several ways to keep this from happening to you.

Most studentsexperience some level of anxiety in an exam. However, the real danger with test anxiety is when the level of anxiety is overwhelming that it can become that it can hurt performance test, at that time itbecomes a problem. For some, anxiety can spiral into the kind of paralyzing fear that makes their minds go blank. We must learn how to handle it. Test anxiety is a temporary condition characterized byfears and concerns about test-taking. The techniques that help to control are eating well, getting enough sleep, not staying up too late, exercise, and using relaxation breathing techniques, some kindof technique for relaxation as well as inhale and exhale to calm. Even so we cannot forget that the anxiety is not removed completely. It will always be a little nervous but the outside is whatmotivates us to give the best of us. You might think of moderate test anxiety as a desire to perform at you peak a useful quality at test time.

An example, if you are going out for a burger with yourbest friend, you aren't going to be concerned about your facility to produce entertaining conversation; and if you were going to have dinner with the president of the college, you might be so nervous,you'd find yourself tongue-tied. But if you were having dinner with a friend's parents, you'd probably be moderately anxious, yet you would be able to carry on a rather intelligent conversation.Another example, my sister went to take a test and was very nervous. I knew that she understood the material very well, but she told me that when he went to sit down and take the examination, she was...
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