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Equipment for a trip
1. Equipment for a trip
Read the text below and choose the number of each of the items of equipment according to the pictures. The first one has been done for you as anexample.
Going on a trip, what every traveler should know.
If you're traveling independently there are a number of things you're going to need. Here's a brief guide.
Most important is a goodtent 1[pic] . You'll also need a sleeping bag 2[pic]—it can get very cold at night and a carry mat 3[pic] to put under the sleeping bag. Hot food and drink is another great way of keeping warm. Forthis you'll need a stove 4[pic] for cooking and some pots and pans 5[pic] for putting water and food in to heat . Don't forget to take
matches 6[pic] to light the stove!
If you're going to be walkinga lot you'll certainly need a good pair of boots 7[pic] . A waterproof jacket 8[pic] will also be very useful when the weather is bad.
What about emergencies? A first-aid kit 9[pic] is veryimportant for injuries or illnesses and a sewing kit 10[pic] can be used to mend clothes. Many problems are caused by getting lost so take a map 11[pic] and a compass 12[pic] . If you do have problems you canuse your whistle 13[pic]—the emergency signal is to blow it six times.
And finally, a good backpack 14[pic] to carry all of this in!
2. Look at the list.
See if you can find:
1. two things tohelp you find your way.
2. three things for emergencies.
3. something made of wood.
4. two things that you wear.
5. two things that are important if you want a hot drink.
6.something to put under your sleeping bag.
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|[pic]MAP|[pic]COAL |
|[pic]BOOTS |[pic]CARRYMAT |
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