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There is much that is said of the discipline, but also, that is we know about it, since our field of action required. This means that theprospective teacher to be aware of the patterns what is the reason the phenomena of discipline, how to correct, and their role in addition to the transaction of knowledge, the transfer of attitudes, values,standards of living, etc.

That is because it based on the concept of discipline as the meeting of the attitudes and behaviors of an individual, it must be said that this has a major role in improvingthe relationship between teacher and student and vice versa. That is because it is important dates in the development of methodologies that suit certain contexts, is made aware of criteria, such asvariants and factors, so that education does not come into arbitrariness, that is because the interest and enthusiasm to learn more about social relations.

Discipline is the means, the tool thatmust be the educator to guide and organize learning while developing an end in the person's values, attitudes you want. The approach to the concept of school´s discipline depends on the archetype that wehave human beings. In general discipline is the observation of laws and ordinances of any profession or institution; in fact any organization that seeks to achieve objectives has to enforce the rulesand proper conduct of activities. In short school discipline is that we presented during our school environment.

Any purpose required education to be reached, school discipline. In a broad senseincludes two parts. On one side is linked to the coexistence governed by rules and reinforced by attitudes and habits of civility that give a positive value. Without discipline there can be no livingtogether. In addition, the discipline is to correct and efficient ordered arrangement of all activities taking place, mainly in the classrooms.  Here we include actions such as taking care of things,...
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