Environmental analysis

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Environmental Case Analysis
Since there hasn’t been any analysis of the internal and external factors that affect the Beautiful Hotel in Tokyo, this report will include information about the current situation and several recommendations as well, in order to improve the hotels activity.
External factors
* Governmental regulations: due to the recent earthquake the Japanese government mayimplement policies to protect the people. Some examples are that they might impose a maximum price to the rooms in the hotels so people can afford a place to sleep while their homes are rebuilt, also restrictions over the sales of food might be imposed to protect people from radiation. The Beautiful Hotel should take this into account to remain in the market.
* History: in the past there have beenother natural disasters; due to this the country has implemented new and better ways of prevention of earthquakes. The hotel should start considering making a stronger infrastructure to be better prepared for this kind of disasters.
* Patterns of behavior: As the Japanese’s people showed in the past, in the Second World War, they are very capable of moving on and rebuild their economy andtheir country. This might be a good precedent and can help with what is currently happening in the country, bringing people together to rebuild the country. This would make the industries arise again, so the hotel might be what it used to be a while ago stronger, with new techniques and strategies to come back to the market to compete with others
* View points and religion: The hotel should takeinto account that due to the fact that Japan is a very open minded country regarding globalization many people from different cultures can get to the hotel so they should be very neutral in their policies so anyone can enjoy their services. As the Shinto religion which the most practiced in Japan professes their people are very hard working and tolerant to ideas which are a very goodcharacteristic that employees at the hotel might have to make the business better than others.
* Lifestyles: Lifestyles in Japan have suddenly changed due to the earthquake; families now have more needs than before. The hotel needs to take into consideration this fact with the employees to understand their problems and help them overcome them by being flexible as long as they do their job properly.
*Natural resources: Japan is not a country that has many natural resources, their land is not suitable for agriculture, so they import raw materials to make final products and export them, their economy depend mostly of trading with other countries. These aspects improve the comfort of the hotel to be more successful in the industry.
* Pollution: due to the events that happened recentlypollution worsened not only in the hotel, also in all the country because the radiation that affects different aspects of the hotel´s execution, for example the food and the measures they need to take into account for their customer’s health.
* Governmental stability: it needs to recover in all aspects that worsened due the disaster to maintain a stability helping the entire country including thebeautiful hotel.
* Governmental policies on infrastructure: the government needs to implement policies to help the country to rebuild the infrastructure due the recent disaster, and this will help the entire society including the beautiful hotel´s structure to attract more customers or being stable.
* Money supply: First, money supply of the Japanese guests in the beautiful hotel may have beenaffected by the earthquake because their priorities may no longer be to travel and check in into a hotel. In the other hand, the people that lost their houses may be looking for a place to stay while they get everything fixed to get their homes back, the Beautiful Hotel should consider this people as potential guests.
* Unemployment: the unemployment in Japan in 2010 was 5.1%, this number...
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