Ergo 525

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  • Publicado : 15 de enero de 2011
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Ergo 525
2000dpi laser gaming/Steel Pad QcK

Pro gaming mouse plus expert mouse pad
For numerous gaming users’ need, the leading mouse brand—Genius – has phased in a new device that is theperfect gaming match: Ergo 525 plus Steel Pad QcK, the professional laser gaming mouse and pad. Ergo 525 provides an incredible 100x more sensitivity to surface detail - or tracking power - than anoptical device, and the laser engine provides an astounding 6.4 mega pixels per second (30-pixel by 30-pixel by 7080 frame rate equals 6.4 mega pixels/sec). For you game geeks, we’ve included the mostpopular pad in the world – the QcK mouse pad. With Qck, the mouse is more speedy and stable especially when playing various games. The super-durable cloth material is very easy to carry and store. Moreimportantly, this pad is compatible with all mice. While you are playing games, you can switch the resolution of Ergo 525 to 2000 or 1600 dpi. Just press one button on Ergo 525, and you can get thehighest speed (7080 frame rate) with the smoothest motion in your virtual world - shooting, fighting, flying or racing. When you come back to real life, you can adjust the resolution to 800 or 400 dpito deal with your general paper work. The multimedia keys—previous/next song and volume up/volume down let you easily control music and game sound effects. The ergonomic shape is very comfortable foryour hand and wrist. Ergo 525 is the most ideal mouse for gaming and long-term usage. So you going to get a lot more fun in your games when you pick up the dazzling Ergo 525 with Steel Pad QcK package.▼Key features
● Laser technology provides 100 times more tracking power than LED optical mouse ● One button sensitivity adjustment to 2000,1600,800 and 400 dpi resolution ● 6.4 mega pixels/secimage processing provides precise tracking ● Programmable multimedia one-touch buttons for superior performance ● Super durable cloth mouse pad lets you use mouse more stably and quicker ● Mouse pad...
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