Espuma y nada mas

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The Caribbean Pearl-filtered
The story takes place in Naguabo on the eastern coast of the island of Puerto Rico. Saul is a fisherman and he has a sonnamed Samuel. Samuel is a nine year old , he is very curious. Saul and Samuel go every morning at 4 am to the fishing trip. One morning after their firstcatch of fishes they see a castle. Samuel amazed by the castle ask his father about the castle. Her father told him it was an old castle build by a man wholoved the sea. Many thieves try to break in but they run out scared by the ghost of the man. Samuel tells to his father he will go in one day.
Two weekslater Samuel wakes up and go to the castle. He walks through the castle and he sees some colorful fishes jumping , he get closer to see and he says : “ Wowyou’re You are gorgeous! Why do you shine so bright?. Then one of the fishes stick the head out an says : “I bright because I’m the messenger of the sea”.Samuel thinks he is dreaming but the kept talking about he had been in almost every beach in the island and says that sea animals are dying by thecontamination. The fish tell Samuel to say to his friends to take care of the chosen pearl of Puerto Rico.
Samuel ran out of the castle and the man ghost sayhello and good bye.

This story is about the contamination in the sea. The author want us to understand that sea animals are dying by the contamination. Heexpose the problem by a fish telling the human to take care and have conscience. It is like if the nature was yelling for help because they are dying.
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