Essay against euthanasia

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  • Publicado : 14 de agosto de 2010
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“Essay Against Euthanasia”

The Word euthanasia comes from the Greek words eu (good) and thanatos (death), which refers to the act of ending someone else’s life – with or without his consent – inorder to minimize his suffering.

There are two types of euthanasia, voluntary and involuntary. Involuntary is when the person is in a state coma or unconsciousness and is unable to make decisionsfor himself, in this case his family or the doctor is the one who decide whether if he should continue living or not. Voluntary euthanasia is when the patient, in use of his five senses, asks forassistance to end his life (hence the term "assisted suicide").

When euthanasia is viewed from different points of views, such as medical, philosophical, political, ethical, moral, religious,economical, etc; it becomes a highly controversial subject, because the focuses can be varied, depending on the perspective and drive. However, we do not have to forget that euthanasia or assisted suicide isthe act of taking the life of someone else and that seen from any approach is murder.

It's hard to consider life as a right; we have rights because we are alive! Life and freedom are factors thatmake us human and therefore they can’t be eliminated or we can’t give them up; nobody can ask for death as nobody can ask to be a slave voluntarily. This would be considered like going against freedomand life, and therefore, against our human essence..

This "assisted suicide" does not respects the right for freedom every person has; it’s nothing but the intervention of a third party (a familymember, doctor, judge, etc), who decides whose life is worth living it and whose isn’t. Seeing this from a different point of view, they’re just classifying lives according to their usefulness ofquality. Who will decide which illnesses or people can access to euthanasia?

Besides this the euthanasia will extend if we continue practicing it. If at first we accept killing someone else (whether to...
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