Essay de human agression

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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2011
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The origin of human aggression is a controversial issue among people. It means that humans demonstrate aggressive behavior on a usual basis; in fact there have been several questionsover what causes people to be aggressive. Aggression is an action that is intended to hurt someone. It can be a verbal attack or a physical punishment, and many times it seems to be a way of maintainingsocial order among other groups. Is Human Aggression genetically inherited or is the environment that determines our aggressive nature? This question has been asked for a long time.
Thefirst supporting idea of the innate human aggression holds that human nature is violent and that humans are born with aggressive instincts. It says that many of our ideas about society and how itshould be organized are based on this encouragement. Much of our political, social, religious and scientific thinking begins with the principle that human beings are born killers. For Freud it wasessential that his Instinct Theory could describe something that is innate, but not to give an actual source for the aggression. The reason for this statement is that two primitive forces, the life and deathinstincts, oppose each other in our subconscious and this is the cause of all desires to aggress.
The second supporting idea explains the argument of the possible biological reasons forwhy human aggression is revealed. Many researches had shown that stimulation of certain parts of the brain leads to aggression and that other parts stop it. Violence may have a chemical, hormonal,or genetic beginning. There is a theory that predicts that this feeling is inevitable because the energy must find an exit.
The Social Learning Theory denies that humans areinnately aggressive and that frustration leads to aggression. Instead Bandura (1973) argues that aggression is learned in two basic ways, the first one is by observing aggressive models and the second...
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