Essay on animal rights

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Animal Rights
As human beings, we have emotions and feelings. We feel, we think, we reason. We feel sad when someone hurts us, we feel happy when everything goes well, we feel angry when somethingbothers us, we feel pain when we get hurt. Well, we are not the only ones who have feelings. Animals have feelings too. They feel sadness, pain, and rejection just as we do. That is why animal rightsshould be protected. Instead, animals receive inhumane treatment in laboratories, are painfully hunted, and are cruelly killed to produce clothes.
Animals should have rights instead of receivinginhumane treatment in laboratories. Each year, millions of animals are killed in laboratories. “Although cosmetic, household products, and their ingredients are not required to be tested on animals,companies still do it” (“Testing”). The unnecessary tests made on animals contribute to their deaths, making it animal cruelty (“Testing”). “There are more reliable and less expensive tests that do notrequire animals, but they still use them”. Some of these tests can include: use of cell cultures, corneal and skin tissue cultures, etc. (“Testing”). “Companies can also use ingredients that have alreadybeen proven to be safe or natural ingredients; unfortunately, they do not” (“Testing”). There are many painful and cruel tests performed in animals. First, the Draize Eye Irritancy Test, a testperformed in rabbits, tested to see the ability of a substance to cause damage to the eye. Rabbits usually break their necks or backs while trying to escape the pain (“Testing”). And finally, The AcuteToxicity Test, used to determine the toxic consequences of a single, short-term exposure to a product or chemical. Animals in the highest dose groups may endure severe abdominal pain, diarrhea,convulsions, seizures, paralysis, and bleeding from the nose, mouth, and genitals before they ultimately die.
People usually take advantage of animal hunting. More than 100million animals are killed each...
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