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  • Publicado : 30 de septiembre de 2010
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Presented by: Jair Quintero


A Lot of times people say that Unemployment is government’s fault, people have though that they are innocent about allthings which happen around them, but it isn’t like that, so for this reason unemployment is more a problem of attitude than a politic one.
Everyday we see many people who are “looking for” ajob, they say that there isn’t job or anybody wants to hire them, sometimes people leave to search a job and they resign themselves, because they dislike trying it.
However, daily we see manyjob offers in internet, newspapers, pamphlets, etc, but still there is unemployment, well it’s which people say. Also we can say that people don’t know how to search or they are mediocre to doit.
According to many economist unemployment is a common problem in all countries because people have been unemployed sometimes in their lives for various reasons such as downsizing, economicdepression, personal problems, etc.
Obviously government must help country’s economic, but it doesn’t have to support all people in their unemployment time, because they never would try to findjob, they just wait for their money monthly.
When we watch news in Television, we can hear some companies’ managers telling to the public that they have to dismiss many people because theseones aren’t qualified for their jobs, due to they don’t have education level or occupational skills.
Some people hate to study, also they like earn so much money without hard work, we can see itwhen we pass aside of the streets works, many people are sleeping in the big tubes, in the cars, till on the floor, many people ask ¿what happen? They’d should working.
In brief many peoplewant to earn big quantities of money without giving something of their efforts, it’s a lie “people don’t find job”, actually people don’t want to Job, and they just want to be another of the lot.
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