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Erik Ponti is a fifteen year old living with his mother and stepfather. At home, his sadistic stepfather beats him for even the most minute infractions. His docile mother ignores her husband'ssadistic nature and allows the violence to proceed. At school, Erik is violent and frequently engages in fights, as a result of his violent upbringing. After a particularly vicious fight, Erik is expelled.The headmaster labels him vicious and accuses him of being pure evil. In an attempt to provide her son with a fresh start he sorely needs, his mother sells of some of her possessions and sends Erik toa boarding school.

Upon arriving in Stjärnsberg, realising the boarding school is his last chance at reaching Sixth Form, Erik attempts to forgo his violent tendencies. At the prestigious schooltwelve members of the Sixth Form form a Student's Council. They exercise a sadistic rule over the school and punish disobeying students physically and psychologically. When Erik refuses to obey theludicrous requests of two councilmen, Silverhielm and Dalen, he becomes target of relentless bullying. His refusal to demean himself by obeying their humiliating punishments lands him a number of weekenddetentions. Erik befriends his intellectual roommate Pierre, who flies below the radar in order to avoid bullying.

Whilst in the school kitchens one weekend, after a particularly gruelling day oflabour, Erik meets Marja, a pretty cafeteria worker. The two begin a romantic relationship as Marja admires Erik's resistant and just personality. Meanwhile, Erik joins the swimming team. A swimmingmatch approaches and Erik is determined to win, but soon realises that in order to win he must defeat the current school champion and son of a donor to the school. He realises that winning would makehim more of a target than ever, but his fair and dedicated swim coach assures him that it is a matter of honour and he must not lose. Erik wins, breaking a number of school records and humiliating a...
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