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Need For Speed Most Wanted Modloader

Depending on how you filled info.plist in the contents off you nfsmw.app file this may be different for you.
Go toUser/Library/preferences/Need for speed Most Wanted xxxx Preferences (PrefsFolderName)
(only if you already have a career profile in the game)
Get your save game folder from here inside my documents from allusers and save it some where like the desktop
Delete the User/Library/preferences/Need for speed Most Wanted Folder (cider will create it again when you start the game.)
Download the zip andplace the 2 files in Applications/NFSMW.app/Contents/Resources/transgaming/.../Need for Speed Most Wanted
Altering Files
Open the config file in nfsmw.app/contents/resources/preferences/ at thebottom of this file add:
"cmdlineadd" = "-mod"
Save and run

IF you did it correctly you should c MW Mod Loader initialized at the bottom of the"Click to continue" screen
If you don't c it but the game still starts the config file in User/library/preferences/nfsmw(PrefsFolderName) is not correct.
That is the config file cider uses whilerunning, check if that file has the lines at the bottom of the file(Must be in both config FIles)

If you go to http://portingteam.com/redirect.php?htt ... anted.aspx[->0] you can find LOADSof cars and tools you can use
Depending on the creator of the addon this method may change a bit.
If you find a car you like download it and place the Car Replace Folder in /ADDONS/CARS_REPLACEin the nfsmw.app contents

Everything works the same as in windows add all the cars you like but remember it always will replace an other car.
Browse thru all the cars untill you findsomething sweet check out the tools section too!!!

Question Mail me at tbnrobin@hotmail.com[->1]
I'm not always online here so asking questions here is not a good idea

Greetz NR

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