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BUS 76.4 Questions for Studying Quiz 5 Chapter Six

1-The family culture is foreign to most in______? 165
Managers in the united States who believe on valuing people based and their abilities and achievements, not on their age or position in the hierarchy.

2-Where are Eiffel Tower cultures more likely to be found? 166
Eifel tower cultures are most commonly found in northwestern Europeancountries like Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands

3-Decribe how change occurs in an incubator culture? 168
It is often fast and spontaneous with all participants working towards the same objective

4-Describe the attitude toward the person holding the top position in an Eiffel Tower corporate culture. 166
The person holding the top position in an Eifel Tower Corporate Culture is seen as anequal who could be replaced at anytime and therefore is not revered or considered to be the source of all power.

5-Describe the ways of thinking and learning in a guided missile culture.167
Problem Centered, Professional, Practical, Cross Disciplinary

6-What is a homogeneous group? 173
Group in which members have similar backgrounds and generally perceive, interpret and evaluate events insimilar ways.

7-What is a token group? 173
Group in which all members but one have the same background

8-What is a bicultural group? 173
Group in which two or more members represent each of two distinct cultures

9.What is a multicultural group? 173
Group in which there are individuals from three or more ethnic backgrounds

10. Give examples of multicultural groups. 173
ThreeAmerican, three German, three Uruguayan and three Chinese managers who are looking into mining operations in Chile.

11.What are the advantages and benefits of cultural diverse groups? 175
Enhancing creativity, lead to better decisions and more effective and productive performance.

12. What happens when something occurs to a group that induces to “groupthink.” 175
Social conformity and pressuresfall on members to conform and reach a consensus

13. Multicultural teams are more effective when they face tasks requiring _____ 175

14. What happens in the entry stage of group development? 176
Building trust and developing team cohesion

15. What should happen in the action stage of group development? 176-7
Decision making and implementation

BUS 76.4 Questions Quiz 6Chapter Eight

1- What is strategic management? 252
The process of determining an organizations basic mission and long term

2- What is economic imperative? 255
A worldwide strategy based on cost leadership, differentiation, and segmentation

3- What do companies pursuing an economic imperative as a strategy typically do? 255
Sell products for which a largeportion of value is added in the upstream activities of the industry’s value chain.

4- What is political imperative? 256
Strategic formation and implementation utilizing strategies that are country-responsive and designed to protect local market niches

5- Define quality imperative? 256
Strategic formulation and implementation utilizing strategies of total quality managementto meet or exceed customers’ expectations and continuously improve products or services

6- What is global integration? 259
The production and distribution of products and services of a homogenous type and quality on a worldwide basis

7- When is a multi-domestic strategy appropriate? 261
When the need for differentiation is high but the concern for integration is low8- What are the foci of environmental scanning? 262
The industry or the market and the roles of all potential competitors and the relationships surrounding those competitors

9- When is an international strategy appropriate? 261
When trying to achieve lower needs for centralized quality control and centralized decision making while eliminating requirements to adapt activities...
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