Exámen de inglés, 3er grado de secundaria, iii bim

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Nombre del alumno (a): ____________________________________________________________

Nombre del maestro (a):____________________________________________________________

Grado: ______________ Grupo: __________ Clave de la escuela: _____________________________________

Imagine you are in a supermarket. Where are the items youneed to buy?
Match the items on the list with the aisles.

Complete the dialogue with the words that you found in the search word.

Waitress: Are you ________________ to order?
Miss Herrera:Yes, I’ll have a ____________ soup and the roast ___________.
Waitress: What would you like to ___________________?
Miss Herrera: I’d like ___________________, please.
Waitress: And for____________________________?
Miss Herrera: ____________ I have a strawberry _______________________?
Waitress: Anything else?
Miss Herrera: No, that’s all. ___________________________.

Answer the questionswith your information.
a) What’s you name? ______________________________________________
b) What’s your favorite dish? ________________________________________
c) Does your mother like vegetables?_________________________________
d) Do you like fruit? _______________________________________________
e) What’s your favorite fruit? ________________________________________
f ) Does your fatherlike broccoli? ____________________________________
g) Do you like refried beans? ________________________________________
h) Do you like nopales? ____________________________________________
i )Do you like mushroom soup? _____________________________________
Math the pictures with the sentences.
Maribel: Where did you go, Mom?
Mrs. Salas: I went to the market because I needed theingredients to prepare
guacamole and some fruit.
Maribel: How do you prepare it?
Mrs. Salas: Let me tell you.
_______ First, peel several avocados.
_______ Then, mash the avocados with a fork.
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