Ex hacker

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  • Publicado : 25 de noviembre de 2010
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Ex hacker
Kevin Mitnick is the hackers hero.
He was in jail during 46 months because he broke into de system of multinational corporations.
He was released but he doesnt have to touch a computer anymore.

In last september, Hotmail was hacked by a group of hacker exposing the correspondence of 40 m users. The servica was shut down for five hours.

In march 2000, a welsh teenager stoleinformation from 26000 credit card account and published the details on the internet. He and his friend were arrested and charged whit 10 counts of downloading unauthorised information.

The uk departemnt od trade and industry was hacked un 1996 and againd in the 2000.
In the 2000 a DTI Computer was programed to reroute email.
In 1996 hackers run up a $1m phone from scotland yard but did notacces file.

In 1998 washington revealed that an insraely hacker attemp to penetrate the pentagons system computer. Ha was tenembaun, a teenager who had his own pasword and pass then to other hackers.

In 1997 hackers replaced the yahoos homepage whit a note demanding the release of kevin mitnick. The demand was met but the note said that a virus would be released in all yahoo computers,theslogan continued to apear on other sites

A son of a fraud squad detective was accused of broke the security of the US air force but in 1997 the charges were dropped. 3 years earlier matheu bevan used the internet to acces to several us military bases. He had to paid $1200.

People in computing

A programmer
A good programmer need to have a good memory, an attention to details, a logical maindand be able to solve problems
You must have some type of formal qualifications but if you have a good software whit your name on it, it will be much better.
The w market is demanding for good c, c++, java and vb developers. You can start subscribing to a programing magazines and you can be better whit a training course.

A computer consultant
A consultant work in a place for a few days andthen go to work whit other companies.
I f you want take a job you must be better in vb and c++ than other people.
You can have formal qualification whit an exam of microsoft or a novell but an university degree is usefull.
Only the experience let you know about the product and positioning in the market.
You dont stay in a company for more that 2 years. By the 30 you will have run big projects.IT manager
It m manage projects, technology and people. He make sure that everyone that need a pc has one and that it works propertly.
Any large organisation have at least one itm. He must maintenece the servers and the installation of new software
Mediums to large corporation have an it manager responsible for the developing and implementing of software for the operations of the businnes.AN ITM need at least 5 years of experience in the industry and take responsability for budgets and staff.
All itm have at least a first degree but the best qualification to be a a good itm is the experience.
He need be bright, comunicative and be able to earn the trust of his team.

A computer virus is a very small program routine that infect the OS of your Pc using its recourses toreproduce itself.
Sometime it patch the OS to detect program files, such as COM or EXE and then copies itself in them.
When the users runs the program, the virus infect the OS and stay in the memory.
It can use a reproduction routine to infect other programs.
It can contain a payload that can be destructive deleting files or may be it just show a message on the monitor.
It replace the firstinstruction in the host program, so it is executed before that the programs.
A virus have four main parts. A misdirection routine, a reproduction routine, a trigger and a payload.
If a program has a payload but doesn’t have a reproduction routine its called TROJAN

Safe Data Transfer
A secure transaction have 3 goals.
First, the 2 parties making a transaction don’t want that other party to read...
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