Examnenes español e ingles

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NAME:____________________________________________GRADE: 70___ DATE: ____________
Escoge la mejor opción para completar la oración en pasado.
1. He __ soccer yesterday.
a. plaiedb. plaid
c. played
2. I __ 50m last week.
a. swam
b. swum
c. swimmed
3. She __ too much chocolate.
a. eated
b. ated
c. ate
4. Who __ the match?
a. Wanb. Wun
c. won
5. I __ here last year as well.
a. Came
b. Comed
c. come
6. John __ to New York last month.
a. goed
b. going
c. went
7. I ___ to Tom lastnight.
a. writed
b. wroted
c. wrote
8. Mary __ TV all day!
a. watched
b. watch
c. watching
9. He __ very fast in the race this morning.
a. ran
b. runc. runs
10. She __ the newspaper on the train.
a. Read
b. Readed
c. red
Lee el siguiente texto en pasado y elige la mejor respuesta a cada pregunta
Luis went to New York for twoweeks. He stayed in a hotel. He went shopping and bought a lot of clothes. He sow the Statue of Liberty and went on a boat ride. He took many pictures. In the evenings, he ate in restaurants and wentto see a movie or show. He had a great time.
Nancy stayed with her friend Carla in Los Angeles for one week. They went shopping but Nancy didn’t buy anything. She didn´t have much money. One day, shewent to the beach. She wanted to go surfing, but there weren´t any waves. At night, Nancy and Carla went to clubs. They danced and sang karaoke. Nancy enjoyed her trip.
11. Who stayed in a hotel?a. Nancy
b. Luis
c. Nancy and Luis

12. Who went shopping?

a. Nancy
b. Luis
c. Nancy and Luis

13. Who bought clothes?

a. Nancy
b. Luis
c. Nancy and Luis

14. Whowent to the beach?

a. Nancy
b. Luis
c. Nancy and Luis

15. Who sang songs at nights?

a. Nancy
b. Luis
c. Nancy and Luis

16. Who had good time?

a. Nancy
b. Luis
c. Nancy and...
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